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Acting for Kids

Today's kids carry the heavy responsibility to protect Mother Earth and make this world a better place, for everyone. Our vision is to develop kids as better human beings, and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Our Online Acting School

We take special care in hiring experienced teachers who come with the experience and knowledge of the world of acting. Our teachers take special care in ensuring they adopt a stress free, fun-filled approach to help kids bring out their creative best. This is not just about acting class, this is about helping kids become better human beings and be ready to lead the world of tomorrow!

Meet the Faculty

Our faculty constitutes some reputed names from the world of Cinema and Acting. Our advisory council consists of top producers and directors and actors, who share the same passion as we do, in developing our kids for the future.  

Online Acting Classes for Kids

Diwakar Kumar

Bollywood and Theater Actor

Diwakar has worked with top directors in several Bollywood movies and has performed in many top Plays in Theater. Teaching is his passion and He has more than 10 years of experience in teaching acting to kids and young adults. 


Simran Tomar

Bollywood and Theater Actor

Simran is a passionate, dedicated artist and loves teaching acting to kids. She has more than 5 years of experience in acting, modelling, theater, and teaching acting to kids and young adults. 

Online Acting Classes for Kids

Jitender Singh

Bollywood Actor and Director

Jitender comes with enormous experience in acting, direction and screenplay in movies and Theater Plays. 

As a passionate teacher, he has mastered the art of helping kids learn acting through his innovative acting courses. 

Sonu Anand.jpg

Sonu Anand

Bollywood and Theater Actor

Sonu is an experienced actor and teacher with 10+ years of experience as a performer, director, screenplay writer and play writer in movies, television, theatre and camera, worked with a team of reputed artists and participated in many movies, plays and theater. He has also directed films and plays. He enjoys teaching acting and personality development to kids and young adults. 

Online Acting Classes for Kids


Model, Actor, Teacher

Meera is a passionate teacher, popular with Kids for her unique style of teaching and making friends with Kids while helping them to be better listeners and learners. 

What Parents Say

“Acting for Kids is perhaps the best online acting school you can get to introduce your kids to the world of acting, without worrying about their safety and confidence”

— Harsh’s mom

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